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If your child is unable to attend school they can access their learning through Google Classroom. This will allow the students to access learning taking place in school.

The type of work uploaded by teachers will depend on the reason students are isolating.

When individuals or a small group of students cannot attend school while the rest of the class or year group is still recieving face to face lessons in the classroom. Work will be uploaded everyday following your child's schedule. Teachers will provide learning and work in line with the content and teaching covered during the lessons that students would have been attending. Any resources used in the lesson will be uploaded by the beginning of the lesson as scheduled on the school's timetable. Students isolating should check their classroom on Google and complete the work. For practical subjects this may not always be possible, however if there are resources used during the lesson that would support the students to stay in touch with learning, these will be uploaded.

When the whole year group is working remotely, the work set by teachers will support independent learning by including more teacher explanation and guidance. The work will be provided in one of 3 different ways:

1. A narrated powerpoint presentation which will be uploaded on Google Classroom. These are presentations in which teachers have recorded themselves explaining the content, giving instructions and activities for students to complete.

2. A “live” lesson using ‘Zoom’ which will take place at the same time as on the normal school timetable. Teachers will send the information for the lesson on the classroom page on Google Classroom by 8am on the day of the lesson.

3. Recorded lessons which will be uploaded in video format and students will be able to watch before completing assigned work. Teachers may ask the students to pause the video and attempt questions or activities. The recorded lesson will be uploaded on Google Classroom by 8am on the day of the lesson.

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Google Classroom


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What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an online platform which is a teacher/student friendly way of managing classroom documents. Teachers upload classwork as assignments allowing students to view what they learnt in class. When teachers create an assignment they can upload necessary documents for the students to read or work on. Students receive a notification when work is uploaded. Teachers can also make announcements to their whole class. As well as this, students can leave comments on announcements and assignments allowing them to interact with teachers.

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