Show My Homework

Teachers will use Show My Homework only to set homework tasks and parts of coursework they expect students to complete at home. Show My Homework will be used in the same way whether the students are attending school or learning remotely. Teachers will not use Show My Homework to set classwork or upload resources for students to catch up when unable to attend school. Students can still use Show My Homework to communicate with teachers.

Click the button on the right to go to the Show My Homework website.

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Show My Homework

What is Show My Homework?

Show My Homework is an online platform which helps students to be organised when it comes to homework. Show My Homework has an online calendar which lets students view homework information, deadlines and files. Teachers will set homework on this platform.

Student Benefits:
• Deadline Reminders
• Students are more organised
• Available as an app on smartphones
• Can see all homework with a simple tap of a button
• Parents are able to login and view their students homework and grades